Why use photography in Design?

Inspiration often comes in many forms and when designer's block strikes the often overlooked simplicity of nature's engineering can provide that all important breakthrough. Taking an analytical approach to nature's existing designs can often produce surprising results when applying a naturally occurring answer to a diverse range of questions. In order to optimise the flow of ideas it is recommended to combine morphological analysis (a method for exploring all possible solutions to a non quantified complex problem by integrating various aesthetic and functional attributes of existing ideas to create new hybrid concepts) and biomimicry (an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human centered challenges by emulating nature's time-tested strategies). This page is part of this process, it is here to inspire and the images depicted have in many cases proven to be instrumental in my conceptual successes.


A Frosty Morning in the New Forest, UK -  March '15

Bruges, Belgium - April '15

Banky's Dismaland - September '15

Munich, Germany - October '15