Gravitation travel fragrance

The iterative ideation for a 100ml travel fragrance came in response to the increase in airport security after the tragic events of 9/11. Gravitation places its emphasis on a idiosyncratic form in addition to an unequivocal focus on ergonomics and anthropometric data.

The injection moulded polypropylene housing supports a transparent polycarbonate insert allowing the user to visually establish when the fragrance is running low. The grooves on the lid were determined by the 95th percentile for the index finger of an adult male in the UK, allowing the user to compress the two halves together when dispensing the scent.


The extensive market research behind this project was further supplemented with the use of mood boards and other forms of visual analysis to evaluate the wants and needs of the prospective demographic. The images below show the final concept which aims to deliver a well considered balance of aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality.