A short summary of New Designers Exhibition 2015

A sea of fresh concepts and promising graduates filled the room at the most prestigious graduate exhibition in London this year. The Business Design Centre in Islington is transformed each July into a gallery comprised of the greatest conceptual ideas from all of the UK's highest achievers.

As a keen attendee each year, collating some of the favourites is often a challenge, however the most prominent concepts were those incorporating innovation with an eye for the finer details such as the packaging, the presentation and the finishing of the final prototype.

This article is here to provide a detailed summary of the designs that were evidently crafted with all the little details considered. 

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Karl Motton - Photography - Tinker - Jack Lennie - New Designers - District Designs

The winner of the New Designers 2015, Designer of the year award - 'Tinker' - Designed by Jack Lennie of Portsmouth University.

'Tinker is a downloadable, no weld, motorcycle kit designed to breath a new lease of life into damaged/non road worthy motorcycles by reframing the existing or purchased engine and running gear'.

Source - Jack Lennie Designer - jacklenniedesigner.com

District Designs New Designers Exhibition 

Dynamic Insulin kit - This portable pack aims to provide convenience to those suffering with diabetes by helping them to keep track of their blood sugar levels and quantifying the desired measure of insulin based on the data collected. With its sleek exterior and intuitive user interface this design is more than worthy of the appraisal it has received.

Source - New Designers Exhibition - newdesigners.com

Karl Motton - District Designs - New Designers - London 

The 'KTCHN' set - KTCHN focuses on the growing demand for space within the modern household and aims to provide a comprehensive solution in the kitchen by condensing both utensils and crockery into one neat, space saving kit.

Source - New Designers Exhibition - newdesigners.com

Karl Motton - New Designers - London - District Designs 

'Voyage' Headphones - This concept provides a design inspired by nature where emphasis has been placed on creating a user centric experience and the design is shaped around its given application with thought spared to the environment in which it is to be used and the feelings it is intended to provoke. Pyrography was utilised to etch the logo design onto the hardwood exterior which was a nice finishing touch.

Source - New Designers Exhibition - newdesigners.com

Karl Motton - New Designers - London - District Designs 

Modern AC Cobra Concept - This design really stood out while visiting the automotive section of the exhibition as it takes key attributes from the traditional timely design and reworks them to fit with the current decade, a lot of work went into the finishing of this prototype and ensuring it stayed true to its predecessor.

Source - New Designers Exhibition - newdesigners.com

This concludes the summary for New Designers 2015, thank you for taking the time to read this post and happy new year.