The Advanced Engineering Show 2015

This year the Advanced Engineering Show saw a host of innovation and emerging industrial technology from optical measurement systems to augmented manufacturing. This post covers just some of the companies featured at the exhibition with supplementary information about the designs and technology involved. 

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show 1.

Measurement Solutions Ltd -

Founded in 1998 by Managing Director lain Caville Measurement Solutions Ltd are the UK's largest providers of 3D inspection software and 3D scanning technology. This is one of their industry standard measurement devices demonstrated to us while at the show.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show Kahn Automobiles.

KAHN Design -

Founded in 1998 by Bradford based business man Afzal Kahn, this bespoke automotive company specialises in building luxury vehicles and realising road presence through prestigious craftsmanship.

Depicted above is one of Kahn's coach built models first revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show 'The Flying Huntsman 6x6'  derived from a Land Rover Defender double cab 2.2 TDCI.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show MarchantCain Active Aerodynamics

MarchantCain Design Ltd -

Founded in 2006 by Managing Director Rob Marchant as a Design Engineering consultancy MarchantCain is a design and development company with facilities available for prototype and low volume manufacture. Their core competencies lie in the design and production of window regulators, electrochromatic glass systems and active aerodynamic systems for the automotive industry. 

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District Designs - Karl Motton - Model S - 2016

Tesla Motors, INC - 

Tesla's model S shown above boasts an efficient 330 mile range on a full charge, a staggeringly quick 0-60 of 2.8 seconds and a 5-Star EURO NCAP safety rating all with the signature modern styling. It was a great opportunity to experience this model in person at the show. 

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District Designs - Nikon 3D scanning technology

Nikon - 

The Nikon XT H 225 Industrial CT scanner allows for detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features, which is often of paramount importance for effective quality control, failure analysis and material research. The system provides efficient high resolution data mainly used for troubleshooting assemblies whether complex or rudimentary.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show Renishaw Equator

Renishaw - 

Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery.

The product shown above (The Equator) is a gauging system that provides process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile and re-programmable gauging.   

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show Printed Prothetics.

Ultimaker - 

Ultimaker is a Dutch 3D printer manufacturer which was founded in 2011 by Martijn Elserman, Erik de Brujin and Siert Wijnia. Their products are designed to make high quality prints and they currently sell the Ultimaker Original as a DIY kit as well as the Ultimaker 2 family as pre-assembled units. Ultimaker systems are capable of printing with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) filament or alternatively poly lactic acid (PLA).

The prosthetic limbs shown above were printed using Ultimaker systems and this will surely, further revolutionize the industry in the near future.

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District Designs - hydrogen fuel cell car Riversimple

River Simple - 

A UK based Hydrogen fueled car company who aim to systematically pursue the elimination of negative environmental impacts associated with personal transport displaying their most recent prototype for sustainable motoring.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show Optis

Optis - 

Founded in 1989 by Jacques Delacour Optis are specialists in Human Vision simulation software for CAD and virtual reality. Above they can be seen demonstrating their realistic rendering software displaying a Bentley interior in fine detail.

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District Designs - optical measurement

Physical Digital Ltd - 

Specialists in 3D scanning for reverse engineering, quality inspection, 3D design, rapid prototyping, component testing and more. Featured above is an image showing one of their precision optical scanning devices in the configuration phase.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show - Optris

Optris Infrared Thermometers - 

Established in 2003, Optris are one of the UK's leading innovative companies in the provision of non contact temperature measurement through infrared radiation. Depicted above is one of their detection units at work during the exhibition.

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District Designs - Advanced Engineering show Rolls Royce

District Designs - Advanced Engineering show - Rolls Royce

District Designs - Advanced Engineering show - Range Rover Interior

District Designs - Advanced Engineering show - University of Liverpool Motorsport Engineering

District Designs - Jaguar lightweight

District Designs - M-tech lighting

District Designs - KUKA Robotics - Expert Tooling

Expert Tooling - 

Established in 1972, Expert is a prime solution provider for bespoke tooling and automation systems. Here they can be seen demonstrating some data collection using an automated KUKA robotic arm in addition to simulation software.

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District Designs - Augmented Reality

Here OPTIS can be seen demonstrating their augmented reality manufacturing software in context.

District Designs - Honda Racing

That concludes this entry, as always thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope it has made for an informative and engaging read. 

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