'As a designer I employ a diverse range of multidisciplinary techniques, from iterative and extensive research to various prototyping methods in order to ensure that the wants and needs of the user are identified and addressed accordingly'


case-study HIGHLIGHTS


This is a premium audio player which aims to emulate Bang & Olufsen's distinctive style and brand qualities read more...

Zen - Multi sensory Anxiety aid

ZEN is a multi sensory product that aims to help anxiety sufferers cope within a working environment read more...

Snug - the low cost neonatal incubator

Snug is a user-centric and low cost neonatal incubator for use in disaster relief programmes read more...

Design journal

a handcrafted aluminium table vice

This traditional piece of British engineering utilises raw materials such as mild steel and aluminium milled, knurled and lathed with precision to create a contemporary and functional table vice

a bespoke portable charger

Prototyping, as we know, is an integral part of detailed design and development. Depicted above is a vacuum formed opaque casing featuring an integrated printed circuit board

A recreational hiking light prototype

This vacuum formed high impact polystyrene casing houses a printed circuit board complete with a microcontroller programmed with multiple functions aimed at increasing the visual awareness of users